Happy Thanksgiving!

by okzadmin on November 25, 2010

Nike and Zeus as Kittens with Bodhi

Nike & Zeus as Kittens with Bodhi

This is the time of year when we have some time to reflect upon everything we have to be thankful for. I am thankful for our little family, my sister, Nike, the dogs, Morgan and Bodhi, and our two people, Mary and John, and the younger one, Liz, who stops in every now and then. She’s home now, and Morgan is very excited because Liz is officially Morgan’s person.

Zeus cuddling with Bodhi

Zeus cuddling with Bodhi

Now this might surprise you, but I have a special place in my heart for the dogs. They are loud and smelly, it’s true, nonetheless they mean well. They try to protect us when people knock on the door, and Bodhi is nice and warm. I like to cuddle up with her in her crate, and sometimes I knead her a little. She likes that. Morgan doesn’t go in for cuddling with cats, but she’s OK anyway.

Nike and Zeus as Kittens with Morgan and Bodhi

Nike & Zeus as Kittens with Morgan & Bodhi

I’m also thankful that there’s turkey being cooked. Mary and Liz are vegetarians which is no fun, but John eats turkey! Best of all, John and Liz are cooking because it’s Mary’s birthday. In the resulting confusion there’s bound to be scraps of food to be scrounged here and there when they aren’t looking.


Nike and I will have to be fast though because the dogs are waiting for something edible to drop, and they’re so fast nothing will even hit the floor!

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