About Me

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Hello, and welcome to my web site. I’m Zeus, the orange kitty.

I am dashing and debonair, curious and intelligent. I’m also extremely photogenic, as I’m sure you have already noticed. I live with another cat, my sister, Nike, and two dogs, Morgan and Bodhi.

We have a couple of domesticated people to take care of us, prepare our meals and clean the house. Sometimes they provide a little entertainment, too.

I enjoy exploring dark places, boxes, bags, closets and cabinets. You never know what you might find in those places!

I’m especially fond of taking naps in high places like the top of the china cabinet or the beam over the large glass window in the kitchen. Another favorite napping place of mine is a pile of freshly washed and folded laundry. Those clean towels are so comfy, I just can’t resist them!

I stay away from dry cat food. After a painful bout with cysts in my bladder and urinary tract I’ve found grain free, low-carbohydrate, high-quality protein canned cat food is much better for my overall health and nutrition. I also have weakness for fish, especially cod, tuna, and salmon. And for those special occasions I’ll indulge myself with a little bit of cheese.

I work out everyday on my tower doing a gymnastics routine. At least once a day Nike and I race through the house, upstairs and downstairs, scattering rugs and leaping from the floor to the counter and down again at top speed. We both enjoy that and it keeps us in shape. The dogs look worried when things are knocked off the counter during our races, but Nike and I don’t let it bother us at all.

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