My Friends

Zeus, the orange kitty, on the counter

Zeus, the Orange Kitty

I have lots of friends, cats, dogs and even some people. I’ll tell you a little about them here.

Nike, the cat, attacking the stream of water from the faucet


First of all, this is my sister cat, Nike. I have to show her first or else there would be no peace around here. I guess she’s a pretty cute cat even though she is my sister. She’s a black and orange tortoiseshell, or a “tortie”, and she’s lot smaller than I am, only eight pounds. Nike likes to prowl around in the basement looking for mice. When she comes back upstairs she has cobwebs stuck to her whiskers and looks very silly!

Photo of cat, Mr. Bizkits

Mr. Bizkits

Next we have Mr.Bizkits, who really isn’t a mister at all. She’s a beautiful calico cat, and calico cats with their orange, black and white coloration, are almost always female. There rarity of male calico cats has been disputed over the years, some people say they are 1-in-many-thousands and infertile, but that is not always true. For a some quick facts about male tortoiseshell and calico cats click here. And for a more detailed account click here. (Both links will take you to the MessyBeast web site in a new window.)

Ezzie, the silver tabby kitten, in her bed

Ezzie, the silver tabby kitten

Ezzie, is a silver striped tabby kitten with the classic an “M” mark on her forehead. Silver tabbies have a silvery background color with a tabby pattern overlaid on it. There are four different tabby patterns: striped, blotched, spotted and ticked. In a striped tabby, like Ezzie, there are vertical stripes along her body. This is sometimes called a “Mackerel” pattern, because of the resemblance to a fishbone. Click here for more information on tabby cats from Wikipedia.

Ezzie says:

Hi, my name is Ezzi Newbrook and I live in Barrington just down the road from Zeus. I am four months old and a female. My parents got me from the Animal Shelter in East Providence. I live with them and my stepsister, Gracie. At first Gracie didn’t like me. She had the house and my parents all to herself. But recently we’ve been getting along really well. We sometimes even nap together on the same couch or chair – but not often. I like to run around the house chasing after the kitty toys my mom bought for me. My Dad says I’m playing soccer. I like chasing after Gracie, but sometimes she doesn’t like it and she hits me hard. I like to attack something that’s moving under the covers at the end of my parents’ bed. Not sure what it is. Not sure they like it when I do that. I also like to stare out the window at the birds feeding at the feeders out back. I really like to sleep and being kind of a young kitty I sleep a lot.

Ezzie’s photo was taken by David Pinkham. You can visit his photography website by clicking here.

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